How to Create a Visually Strong Brand  

Creating a brand which is visually stimulating is important as it will carry a strong continuous brand image and help to improve overall levels of client retention.  Would you be surprised to hear that over 90% of the information we take in every day is visual?  Yes, this means that the colours, logo and overall aesthetic of your company is very important to the continual success of the brand.  

Consumers associate pleasant imagery with high-quality, which makes it an important factor for your brand.  High resolution images and a memorable logo is critical for your brand to stand out in the current market. You must strive to be the best from the word go and this starts with building a clear brand story.  Your story should include strong visuals that will reach out to the target consumer.  

Creating visually exciting content makes it easier for the viewer to stay focused and connected longer, meaning they are more likely to remember the information they have taken in. This means they will be more likely to use your brand in the future, as they will feel familiar with it. This builds customer loyalty as they gain trust in the brand – continual visual reoccurrence will help to enhance their overall familiarity.   

To help ensure that you do not have too much going on, your logo should be clean and interesting.  It should tell the story of the brand through the choice of colours, shape, font and content. Visuals which are too busy can often be difficult to focus on and remember effectively, meaning viewers will struggle to remember your brand. This is when potential consumers will disengage.  

By producing memorable quality content which is relevant and exciting you will push your branding results to new levels, although it is recommend that you leave this to the professionals with companies such as Pearlfisher. This will ensure that you are gaining the correct visual elements for your business, showing the consumer that your business is skilled in its practice by displaying high-quality branding.  

Top tips in ensuring a visually strong brand: 

  • Consistency is key, for example Coca-Cola continuously brand the same visuals on all products, with their signature design which is recognised on a global scale.  
  • Even if your logo is typically shown in colour, it must also work well in black and white as there may be times when it must be showcased in a monochromatic design.  
  • Typography can often determine the quality of the brand and help convey your chosen brand voice. A great example of this is Sephora.  
  • The use of colour is also critical.  In general, a company will have 1-3 primary colours and 2-3 secondary colours. 
  • The imagery you use should directly relate to your target market.  It is important that you show them what they want to see, and this can be done vigorously on social media platforms. Ensure the images chosen resonate with consumers.   

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